Real avocado chocolate mousse

I spent the past hour running to this album and thinking about how this mousse will turn out. I was very sceptic as I am not the person who pretends bean brownies are actual brownies and beetroot cake is delicious. Also, chocolate kale chips are the most disgusting thing I ever tasted.  But the mousse turned out perfect. I couldn't imagine it being any better and I'm not sugarcoating anything. It is that good. It has a slight coconut undertone that I love + it's totally raw if you don't use the rum, all doe I highly suggest you do. This dessert is a perfect balance of healthy and unhealthy. It's still full of (heathy and good for your gut) fat, but it tastes oh so good and chocolatey. I think you have to give it a try. 

Real avocado chocolate mousse 

45ml (3 tbsp) cacao butter or coconut oil
200g avocado flesh (2 medium avocados)
130g (3/4 cup) pitted & soaked dates
1 shot dark rum (optional)
1/2 really good cacao powder*
1/2 tsp salt
seeds of one vanilla bean
1 can full fat coconut milk (400ml), refrigerated overnight 

 coconut cream, roasted hazelnuts for serving 

Blend the cacao butter, avocado flesh, dates and KOH Coconut milk into a really smooth cream. Transfer into a large mixing bowl and fold in the rum (if using), cacao powder, salt and vanilla. When combined, scoop out the solids from the can of coconut milk and lightly fold in. Divide into 8 servings and chill for at least four hours. Serve with coconut cream, roasted hazelnuts & fruit. 

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