Cooking with Neza + CO

Yesterday wasn't just any day. It was a Sunday. It was THE SUNDAY. The Ljubljana marathon Sunday. Enough with Sundays. Well let me tell you something about marathons. They are fucking amazing. Excuse my language, but there's literally no other word that suits them. They give you an extra motivational kick and you really push yourself to the limit. Well at least you try to. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do full 42km, but I give myself 5 years to do so. There. I said it. I have to run a FULL marathon in 5 years time. I will. I promise.

I did it in 47 minutes, well probably less but I had to tie my shoes 6 times. Exactly six times. No more, no less. Just enough for me to not get under 45 minutes *angry emoji*. I'm running a half marathon next year. Here you go. There's another promise. Enough about running, let's cook! With Neza + CO.

Woke up at 6 am. Made a cup of coffee. Had a salad (cos healthy eating you know). Got dressed. Took a train to Ljubljana. Took the buss to Neza's place. Got lost. Found Neza. Hugged. Happy. Cooked. Had tea. Made a cooking video. Ate the food. Had coffee. Almost missed the buss. Almost missed the train. Came home. Ate another salad. Edited the photos. Was happy. Am happy. Having a cup of tea. Writing a post.

Neza runs a youtube community "Sveže iz kuhne" or "Fresh out of the kitchen" in English I guess. I suck at translations. But so does google translate. And book translators. SORRY BUT JOHN GREEN BOOKS ARE SO GOOD AND HAVE SUCH BAD TRANSLATIONS, CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT HOW BAD THEY ARE?  Back to Neza. We actually met before this and instantly became friends. Since I'm a "healthy" food blogger, they asked me to prepare a few vegan recipes to cook with her on camera for youtube. Of course I couldn't say no to such a cute and happy and amazing girl. And so it happened. We cooked. We shot. We styled. We laughed. We danced. We had fun. The recipes won't be published until January or late December, but I can tell you it's three super healthy and delicious recipes. Well we made granola bars/cups that I posted a few days ago too. I wasn't supposed to tell. Sorry Neza + CO.

Thank you Neza, Nika, Pia and the ProDrax. You're awesome.

P. S. : The super cute straws and napkins are from Trgovina popolna dekoracija. A few ingredients are from Manahrana too.


  1. Oh, how much I love you Slovenians and your food style! And I really like Neza videos! Thanx for introducing me to her work :)
    One day when I come to Ljubljana, and it's gonna be soon ;), hope to meet you and Ana (cinnamon and thyme) for one (or two) cuppa :D

    1. And yeah!, respect for running time and promises :)

    2. Thank you, your compliments mean so much to me as I admire your photography and writing so much! Ring us up when you're around and hopefully we can arrange something up :D I know some really good places for a cuppa coffee/tea or something to eat. Well I live here haha :D XX